Lunch: Provencal Potato Salad

I like to call this The Pantry Cleaner. Basically, take all of your things in your pantry and just dump them in here. Not really. But basically.

Provencal Potato Salad

Provencal Potato Salad

Usually I can’t stand recipes that call for so many ingredients. And you still have to make the base of this recipe, which can be found HERE. But, Ina Garten again works her magic, and everyone that I had try this at the office agreed its pretty flippin’ amazing and totally worth the slaving in the kitchen.

OK, maybe you’re not really slaving… Just opening up a few jars, mincing a few things, and peeling some eggs. If you’re a fan of nicoise salads like I am, your mouth will thank me. Thankfully this does make a pretty hefty batch, so get ready to eat a few bowls of this or feed a small army of friends. Since this is a pretty complete meal, you’ll have a great lunch for the week!

Here we go!

½ lb haricots verts (fresh green beans, to you and me)
1 recipe French Potato Salad
1 can of tuna fish, drained
½ cup capers, drained
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1 small red onion, minced
½ cup pitted olives, chopped
6 hard-cooked eggs, quartered

1. Get a giant ass mixing bowl with your French Potato Salad in it.

2. Get a pot of water to a rolling boil. Drop in your haricots verts and cook for about 3-5 minutes. You want to keep them fairly crisp, instead of too mushy. Drain and give them a chop in half.

3. Add the haricots verts, tuna fish, capers, cherry tomatoes, onion, olives, and eggs to the potato salad. Toss well and serve!

So pretty...

So pretty…

...So yummy!

…So yummy!


  1. Going on a trip tomorrow with the little one and his is the perfect travel recipe! You get to clean out your fridge, have something healthy and delicious instead of airport food, and the no mayonnaise is great cause even mayo in a cooler sitting around freaks me out. Making it now, potato salad is amazing and my beans are boiling; leaving out the tuna cause bringing a two year old on the plane will make me enough enemies. Thanks so much, you are the best! By the way, didn’t have champagne vinegar so I subbed apple cider and it still tastes amazing.

  2. That’s awesome! I sub different vinegars all the time. I always have cider vinegar on hand… I think it’s a little more milder and flavorful than white vinegar (which I also keep a bottle of), and it makes a great alternative to red wine vinegar. The only thing I won’t sub is balsamic vinegar. Since it has such a strong, distinct flavor and sweetness (not to mention color) it doesn’t swap out well. If you try to poach eggs with it, it’ll turn them brown. If you swap a light-colored vinegar for it in a dressing, you’ll completely change the flavor profile.

    Safe travels to you and Phoenix!!! Thanks for the love ❤

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